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Did you have a good childhood? 

18 deviants said Yes
14 deviants said It was so so
8 deviants said Not really
2 deviants said It was terrible, worse than most people's
2 deviants said I blocked out most or all of it due to traumas

My Friends and Family [added onto at random]



:iconeclipse8: The sweetest guy ever, he's always there for me through the good and the bad. He'll always be there for me no matter what is going wrong. He's not always patient, but he is very nice if one takes the time and get to know him. He's so good at math it makes my brain hurt: After all the years we have spent together it's impossible to say he has not impacted my life positively, he is a warm lovable man who's not prone to judging people unless they catch him off guard in most cases. All in all he's amazing, just simply amazing really! Most of the time he's working hard and college keeps him busy, but he's still around for me and he does like to talk to people, he just dislikes having to start all the conversations. If you ever wanna talk to him, I advise being the one who starts at least half of the conversations, otherwise how will he know when you'd like to talk to begin with? He's awesome, my amazing bilingual Canadian awesomeness and even though he gets on weird topics, it just makes him more unique!

:iconflakyftw: She's not trying to be perfect, she messes up some days and hates her mistakes as much as we all do our own, but she's so nice and she tries her best. She might not be a great artist, but she's at least trying to put effort into doing more things so she can find what she's good at. She isn't one to just give up just because something doesn't work. At the end of the day she can always say she tried: She's not one to hurt someone unless they've hurt someone she loves, though she has grown more protective over me due to things that have happened over the years, I do my best to discourage the over protective streaks, but some days she makes his own decisions and not even I can stop her, she's very blunt at times, but deep down she does care regardless. She's a good friend to have, she's honest, not bothered by what people think about her when she's doing what she believes is right, and she's definitely motivated to do good and help others.

:iconkandy-cube: An awesome Australian woman who's art deserves more love. People should go love on her art and help her achieve epicness over 9000! Amy has been my friend through drama, misunderstandings, and disagreements alike, she's not one to dislike someone without a reason. I enjoy talking to her and we chat almost daily when we can, this girl is amazing!
She's currently working hard on illustrating books and wow, now that's something amazing. She's really come so far from being a starving artist and just look at her go!

:iconmiscomunication: Another epic aussie -I know so many- she's wicked cool and lots of fun to talk with! She can rest assured that I'll always try to help when she needs it, I'm also always willing to listen to her when she needs to get something off her chest.

:iconrinjapine:/:iconyenzig:/:iconiron-lyons: One of my oldest friends I have on this site, we've known each other for years now. I dunno how she accomplishes all the things she does, but she is stunningly skilled and no doubt she's gonna go far!

:iconforgotten-midgar: One of the friends that I've had for several years now. We chat on and off and just have good conversations in general. Her and I really can get along well, she's super nice and open-minded. I don't doubt that she's one of those people who will get far in life, she's certainly got the personality and positive outlook to do it. I love talking to her and she is so insightful and fun to chat with.

:iconashwolf-forever: Look at this pee wolf, she is yellow like butter and the sunshine as well as sunny d, she's a herp derp and I love her. Best wolf around. Ash is something special and super fun to talk with, loyal, friendly, kind, etc. She's just a great friend to have overall.

:iconanthrogalactic: My sister Starr who is back and being epic at the art, don't go bothering her if you don't want me going after you. She's online sporadically as of now.

:iconkanto-prince: I've known her for four years or so, we bumped into each other around 2010 and we had a good friendship, it was full of lols at first. The fandom we were a part of at that time was full of sues and we'd swap links and giggle at how people never ceased to come up with new things to make us facepalm and laugh. Regardless of any disagreements me and her have had, I still care about her.

My DA big brother who is awesome: :iconi-mathias:Matthew-Fuller
My DA lil' brother, Poka, an epic Australian: PokaX

My ex, who I'm on semi-good terms with now: scruffyfan

Close friends[in no order]: :iconflippyfanatic:,:iconkandy-cube:,:iconqueendanny:,:iconpkfoxas:,:iconmiscomunication:,:iconkanto-prince::iconpokax:,:iconforgotten-midgar:,:iconxandergirl96:
Good friends I don't often get to talk to: :icondeepdarkdebt09:,:iconsalqour:,:iconfandomviruspatientpc:,:iconyimba:
People who have left DA but were good friends of mine: Inameny, yoyotheyoshi, Devious227, TBR-DA,JulyEspisNight, Baby-B14 Kusike

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Sun Feb 26, 2017, 12:55 AM
Show me the picture.
Thu Jan 19, 2017, 2:45 PM
This sad tale became a picture... as the egg drifted off
Tue Jan 17, 2017, 5:24 PM
That is a sad tale that needs to become a picture.
Fri Dec 2, 2016, 3:38 PM
*the egg was thrown in the ocean, until the egg realizes the ocean is cold too* Now we freeze together
Sun Nov 20, 2016, 8:46 PM



Feel free to shoutout in my shoutbox, it's there for whatever you wanna shout, go crazy, just please keep it nice, I'm not a mean person unless you are mean to me and this is my profile after all.

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"She doesn't affirm what you're doing right she affirms what you're doing wrong. The good stands for itself, the bad is what requires fixing. If she only points the good, why would you see or work on the bad? Look at what she points out, then look at what she leaves and know the bad was a few things, the rest you can ask her opinion on, but know what she pointed out was what was most obvious to her." ~ Me

"We see what is there more than what isn't. Looking at a person we'll judge their happiness based on material objects and the house they live in. Often times it is what isn't there that makes them unhappy. That one person or moment they'd sell it all for, that one day that they'd give their life just to relive." ~ Me

"Admit defeat, and defeat will surely admit you into permanent custody, my man." ~ Beret Girl



Not gonna draw anything for it, lol. Most of my friend's have mom's that shouldn't be alive, yeah, I'm talking about you guys, with your mothers who shoved you down the stairs, or tried to stab you, or misgendered you and mocked your identity then tried to attack you when you left the house to get away from then, or they kicked you out for some made up reason. Have a good moo day bitches, I'll see you burn for what you did one day.

Won't even touch upon the friends who's parents were going to manipulate them into getting teen pregnant with handing out hole poked condoms.
Or the molester mothers.
Or the moms who go crazy and strangle their own kids.
Or the abusive moms who hit you day after day.

You know what.
Those people aren't a mom, so they don't get this day, and if they argue with you, tell them they were never a mother. :3
Just an egg donator.


This is my beloved friend Chip! I love him with the intensity of a million white suns! :heart: [4/10/11 R.I.P Chip!] RIP Chip Stamp by Sarabun
It's Never Gonna Get Better by scarlet-pikachu

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Stamp: They love EVERYONE by Riza-Izumi Gender Equality by LingYao No, just no by Youmaddotcom Canadian by StampsForYou
:thumb210617089: Politeness is not sexism by Ramen27 Men that wear glasses... by yumi-honamaru :thumb100172559: it mocks me by ajCorza

: CAUTION: Highly Opinionated by LostKitten I'm not here for your... by yumi-honamaru Hard to be clear-Stamp by Dinoclaws Stamp-Disagree But Not Hate by Jazzy-C-Oaks
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Some people might know me from other websites. Most likely my fanfiction account.
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:bulletred:Don't ask me to Watch you. I will watch whoever I chose to watch and it's my choice.
:bulletred:Don't advertise or spam me with comments suggesting I watch some random deviant.

:bulletred:Don't comment asking me to give you points. Especially if I don't even know you! Points aren't free things, I won't just toss them out to every begging page spammer who comes here and whines over being pointless. You'll have to earn them on your own. That does not mean spam my profile with links to point adoptables you have made in hopes of me liking some. I've had people spam me with multiple links to point adopts and it's really not nice to see all the comments asking me to buy some.

:bulletred:Do not ask me for favorites. I favorite pictures that I like not what you as me to to fave. Oh, and faving every Deviation I own, I'm not going to just fave you out of nowhere because you did it to me. Again, nothing personal. You may of course thank me for faves, but no begging for favorites or asking me to watch you.
:bulletred: Don't link me contests or raffles. If I don't know you how do you know what kind of things I'd be interested in entering anyway? I have a lot of likes and dislikes just like any other human would have.

If you have any questions feel free to note me and ask. I am always up for talking.

Boop Box
I prefer to talk in notes if you want to ask questions, get to know me, or just talk casually. It's easier for me to keep track of if I haven't replied or need to remember something specific. I will talk through comments, however, but if I take the conversation to notes don't be surprised by it.

Feel free to ask me questions, I haven't posted my FAQs yet, nor have I finished adding spots onto my profile for them, I figure I'll have around four, each based on certain things, one focused on me personally, one on my characters, one on me as an artist, and one on miscellaneous things people ask. I get a fair share of weird questions some days). Feel free to inquire on things though. I'm more than happy to talk to people, it's always so nice to see friendly faces around this site.

I love getting llamas and will normally return all llamas I get unless I've already given someone one.
Any point donations or points given are greatly appreciated, I appreciate any acts of kindness. :)



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